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Cookies are small code files, stored by the browser on the computer's hard disk, which assist Azienda Agricola Vittorio Angelo Vignola in providing the service and offering the user a personalised experience.

This website uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are created by third party services through plugins in the pages on the site.

The law states that cookies can only be written on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this website. We require your consent for all other forms of cookies.

List of cookies consent:
Accepted cookies: Technical (Required), Preferences, Statistics, Marketing
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Required technical cookies (5)

This type of cookie contributes to the usability of the website, enables basic functions for navigation and regulates access to protected areas.
The absence of these cookies affects the correct functioning of the website.

PHPSESSIDgliangeliagriturismo.itPreserve the user's status on the various pages of the website.SessionHTTP Cookie
_ckckAccptAGAgliangeliagriturismo.itStores the user's consent to using cookies6 monthsHTTP Cookie
lgnAGAgliangeliagriturismo.itIdentifies the user and allows authentication5 hours or 1 year if the "remember me on this computer" option is selected during loginHTTP Cookie
_qvgliangeliagriturismo.itUsed to store user preferences1 yearHTTP Cookie
_prngliangeliagriturismo.itUsed to store user preferences1 yearHTTP Cookie

Preference cookies (0)

This type of cookie increases the browsing experience of the site, recalling user habits and preferences.
Through this information collected, the site adapts to the user's habits.

Actually this website does not uese this kind of cookies

Statistics cookies (5)

This type of cookie provides site owners with information on how users interact with the website. The data collected is always anonymous.

_gat_gtag_UA-19286284-67gliangeliagriturismo.itUsed by Google Analytics services and Google Tag Manager for user recognition.1 minuteHTTP Cookie
_gagliangeliagriturismo.itUsed by the Google Analytics service for user recognition.2 yearsHTTP Cookie
_gidgliangeliagriturismo.itUsed by the Google Analytics service for user recognition and to generate statistical data on the use of the website.24 hoursHTTP Cookie
_gac_*gliangeliagriturismo.itCreated only if the site owner has activated Google AdWords campaigns and has linked Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts.90 daysHTTP Cookie
_gatgliangeliagriturismo.itIt is used by Google Analytics to limit the number of requests.10 minutesHTTP Cookie

Marketing cookies (0)

This type of cookie, used on this website only by third parties, provides information to their owners about the habits and behaviour of users.

Actually this website does not uese this kind of cookies

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