Beach and sea, horseback riding, mountain biking trails, climbing in Castelbianco. Cenesi - Cisano sul Neva - Albenga hinterland - Savona - Liguria

The Village of Cenesi

Cenesi is a small village in the municipality of Cisano sul Neva, located in the Albenga hinterland.

The first historical evidence of the village dates back to 1236, when it became a fief under a family from Albenga.

The village is located at 150m above sea level on a hill that is always bathed in sunlight, and is surrounded by a predominantly agricultural area with very few buildings.

With almost no cars going past, you will be amazed by the silence both day and night, allowing you to appreciate your holiday even more.

Gli Angeli agritourism farmhouse is located in the centre of the village, in a complex of stone buildings that was renovated in 2007.

In the village you can find a bar offering food and a farmhouse restaurant where you can sample the specialties of Ligurian cuisine.

Cisano sul Neva and the Albenga hinterland

The first town in the Neva Valley, and a current and ancient meeting point between Albenga, the Ligurian coast and Piedmont.

The Neva and Pennavaire valleys meet in the municipality of Cisano sul Neva, each of which is home to many towns and villages that have remained virtually intact throughout history. These small, typical Ligurian settlements with stone houses are very popular among tourists who love nature and the atmosphere of Liguria.

Zuccarello, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena and Castelbianco are a few kilometres from Albenga and easily accessible from Cenesi. They are sure to amaze you as you breathe in the air of the hinterland and the more traditional part of Liguria.

Zuccarello, the village furthest away from Cenesi, is just 15 minutes by car from Gli Angeli agritourism farmhouse.

Climbing Walls at Castelbianco and Val Pennavaire

Much loved and very popular throughout the year with climbers and rock climbers from all over Europe.

Today, the west of Liguria is one of the main climbing areas in Italy. While it was initially most renowned for the cliffs of Finale Ligure and the whole complex of the Finalese area, since 1994 interest has shifted to other areas, one example among many being the Val Pennavaire from Cisano sul Neva to Castelbianco (Veravo), better known as Albenga.

There are many routes and crags with bolts. An association of climbers who love nature and climbing constantly opens up new routes by adding bolts to new crags, and also ensures constant maintenance to all spiked routes.

Castelbianco and its cliff faces are just 10 minutes away from Gli Angeli agritourism farmhouse by car.

Mountain biking and trekking on foot or on horseback

The paths leading up the hill start from Cenesi, which is where the Gli Angeli agritourism farmhouse is located.

All these trails are clean and can be easily enjoyed on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback, allowing you to explore the hinterland and opening up on the Pennavaire, Neva and Arnasco valleys.

From here you can explore the Napoleonic fort of Arnasco, which is entirely dug out of the peak that dominates all the valleys, with great views of the Albenga coast and the sea.

Gli Angeli agritourism offers several mountain bikes to its guests for free. It also organises excursions on horseback with professional guides and instructors.

Sea, beaches and a bit of shopping too

The coast and beaches are just a few minutes drive away from Cenesi and Gli Angeli agritourism, to the delight of the whole family.

Take a dip in the sea, play on the sandy beaches of Alassio and Laigueglia, or go kite surfing, windsurfing and diving in Albenga.

Albenga, with its beautiful old town, and Alassio, with its typical alleyways, are popular destinations for a bit of shopping.

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