Agritourism farmhouse with horses and animals, dog agility with exercise area, horseback riding in Cenesi - Cisano sul Neva - Albenga hinterland - Savona - Liguria

Il Bosco degli Angeli

Truly experience nature at the agritourism

"Bosco degli Angeli" is a large oak forest on Cenesi hill, a few minutes away from the farm.

The wood can be easily reached via a 10 minute walk or by driving on the asphalt road

A "refuge" is available to guests of the agritourism, which is fully equipped with bathrooms and all amenities

"[...] When you enter Bosco degli Angeli, or the Forest of Angels, you can almost feel the presence of angels. Centuries ago, the forest belonged to the Marquis Del Carretto and it was returned to its former glory thanks to the hard work of Mr. Angelo and his family, who tirelessly pulled up the brambles and cleaned the undergrowth until they succeeded in creating this beautiful peaceful place. Here a walk along the paths becomes a walk through our thoughts, which become magically clear step by step. The knots melt away and even if you started out with a soul full of tangled brambles, you will come back serene and with a smile on your face. [...]"Francesca Bertha - Vanity Fair

An experience in touch with nature for the whole family

Pet therapy

Relax and get to know the farm animals, reconnecting with nature and enjoying peaceful harmony.
Our rabbits, goats and horses are sure to delight children of every age.

Percorso vita

A fully equipped route for exercising and stretching your muscles while getting rid of the stress accumulated during the year.
Enjoy gymnastics and relaxation for the whole family in the silence of nature in the forest.

Dog agility

Let your pets enjoy their holiday too. They are free to run around in the woods and in the large area exercise area, which is completely safe and fully fenced in to ensure peace of mind for the owners.

The barbecue area at the agritourism

The forest "retreat" also features a barbecue area for guests
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